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Be the torchbearer of knowledge and shine the light of truth on medicinal marijuana.

Medicinal Cannabis New Zealand is the biggest online forum and resource dedicated to share the truth regarding medicinal cannabis along with its various extracts and derivatives, educate people on the various therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis and debunking myths resulting from misinformation, ignorance and false propagandas on the same.

We want to spearhead healthy and logical discussion on medicinal marijuana in New Zealand so that the masses can know all the benefits medicinal cannabis has to offer and all the wonders it can do for patients suffering from even the most degenerative diseases like cancer ,epilepsy etc.

Around the world winds of change have started to rise, people are no longer satisfied with half baked information and propagandas laced with misinformation and half truths regarding medicinal cannabis. Laws are changing rapidly in favor of evidence based policy and around the world in UK, Israel, Germany and 23 states in USA, the medical benefits of cannabis is being recognized and medicinal cannabis is being legalized.

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world."

Carl Sagan

"It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics... dope and all that crap. It's a thousand times better than whiskey - it's an assistant - a friend."

Louis Armstrong

“Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?”

Bill Hicks

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Choose the right STRAIN

There are mainly two types of plants where medicinal cannabis comes from, Sativa and Indica which contains over 70 active compounds. The two most important compounds are THC and CBD; these compounds produce the therapeutic effects.

With each different strain the percentage of THC and CBD varies. It is of utmost importance to know what percentage of THC/CBD is in the strain that you are considering using as specific medical conditions react differently to different percentages of THC/CBD.

Four main medicinal marijuana strains are:

Pure Sativa

Pure sativa contains high percentages of THC and has mainly uplifting capabilities. It can be of benefit to patients suffering from depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. Examples include Malawi Gold, Acapulco, and Burmese.

Hybrid Sativa

These strains contain little indica but mostly sativa and are called sativa-dominant strains. These are prescribed for patients who are suffering from depression or needs appetite stimulation. Examples include Willy Nelson, Jack Herer, Kali Mist, and Haze.

Pure Indica

Indica strains contain higher CBD and have medicinal qualities and are more narcotic. They have high pain blocking capabilities and are used to treat pain and aches and are also good for insomnia. Examples include Hashplant, Pakistani, Hindi Kush, G-13, Afghani, and Herijuana.

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